Cadet Gym

Cadet Gym

The USAFA Cadet Gymnasium is home to gymnastics, fencing, swimming, diving, rifle, cheerleading, tennis and boxing.

The Cadet Gym, a five-level structure 282' x 534', containing 439,951 square feet of useable space was completed in 1958.

The $7.8 million cadet gymnasium, a state of the art facility when completed in 1960, houses 3 complete gyms, 12 squash courts, 21 handball/racquet ball courts and nine basketball courts. There are two swimming pools, indoor rifle range and four indoor tennis courts, along with separate facilities for gymnastics, cheerleading, wrestling, fencing, boxing, aerobic fitness, weight lifting, scuba, baseball, volleyball and judo. The gym also contains an athletic training room, human performance laboratory, lockers for all cadets/staff, and administrative offices of the physical education instructors and support staff.

The facility is used for physical education classes, intramural and varsity practice/competition. Outdoor facilities associated with the gym include 57 athletic fields (143 acres) for intercollegiate and intramural sports, two baseball diamonds and a 400-meter all-weather track.

Three separate gyms in the Cadet Gymnasium building rotate seasonal events; the East Gym is used for volleyball practice/competition and wrestling competition, the Center Gym is used for basketball practice and fencing competitions, and the West Gym is used for gymnastics competition/practice and fencing practice. All facilities may easily be changed as needs dictate.

The two facility swimming pools utilize almost 20,000 square feet of the facility. The Intramural pool, measures 59'6" x 120'3" is 7,154 square feet at a depth of 7' and holds 408,416 gallons of water. It is primarily used by the Water Polo team for practice and competition. The Natatorium Pool, measures 56' x 213', is 11,928 square feet at an average depth of 9.6' (min 4.5' / max 18') and holds 872,123 gallons of water. The pool also has two diving platforms (5 and 10 meters) a couple of diving boards and spectator gallery seating. The Natatorium pool is used for swimming/diving team practice/competition, physical education and scuba training. Both pools are used for survival training and physical education classes.

In addition to the indoor facilities on the south side of the gym we have outdoor courts for tennis, basketball and handball.